A larger pharmaceutical company partnered with a biopharmaceutical to develop PER.C6 technology, which uses human cell lines for recombinant proteins. An R&D center was created out of this joint venture to offer an integrated technology platform for protein production and provide customers a hands-on experience of the PER.C6 technology.
The Opportunity
When Eye Integrated was first commisioned to create a brand strategy for the joint venture, it was in its very first days…in fact, the company didn’t even have a name yet. The bigger challenge was creating a brand strategy that took the company’s unique place in the market into account: Percivia’s PER.C6 technology was far more effective than any others, but competing technologies were more widely accepted.
The Process
The first step to developing a brand strategy for this new venture was obvious: the company needed a name. Eye Integrated’s solution was the name “Percivia,” which combines the first part of the technology’s name with the numeral VI, for 6. In addition, the word “via” is Latin for “life.”

The next step was designing a corporate identity, and our team came up with a design that combined the corporate colors of the two founding companies, an elegant way of referencing the alliance that created Percivia.

The Result
Once these two steps were completed, a marketing plan was developed that would educate other companies in the industry about the advantages of PER.C6’s human cell lines over previous technologies. The tag line “Not just evolution…revolution” was created to express how much of a leap forward PER.C6 technology was from earlier methods of protein production. Eye Integrated used this message on trade show graphics, eblasts, brochures, industry newsletters, and a web site to reinforce the message across a variety of platforms.

The clever name, eye-catching corporate identity, and branding strategy that Eye Integrated developed helped increase industry awareness of PER.C6…and, more importantly, increase licenses of the technology. The client was happy with the outcome, and key members of their team work with Eye Integrated to this day.

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