Cardiac Wellness was founded by Dr. Lee Surkin to bring new and innovative approaches to treating his patients. As a Board Certified Cardiologist, trained at Yale University, Dr. Surkin also earned a Master of Science in Human Nutrition from Columbia University making him uniquely qualified in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease through standard medical treatments plus integrative therapies.
The Opportunity
In response to his patients’ needs, Dr. Surkin began to research nutrients that could benefit specific cardiac health concerns in order to offer special formulas to his patients. The response to these formulas was overwhelmingly positive so Dr. Surkin approached Eye Integrated to help him bring his line of supplements to market. At the outset, there were five original formulations designed to provide unique benefits as compared to other supplements that were available on the market at the time of the product introduction.

Eye Integrated was brought on board to help Dr. Surkin develop a marketing plan for his supplements and to help him implement his plan through all stages of product introduction.

The Solution
The first step in the introduction stage was the development of a corporate identity for Cardiac Wellness Supplements that would serve as the foundation for the nutritional supplements and other product line extensions related to cardiac care. Once a new identity was established, a brand name and identity was developed for the product launch.

All five of the supplements were to be brought to market under the brand name “Wellcor.” While the supplements were not directly subject to FDA scrutiny, it was necessary to assist Dr, Surkin with certain regulatory clearances, particularly as it related to packaging design and information requirements on the packages. As website copy and sales brochures were created, there was an on-going need to provide regulatory agencies with copy to help assure that there would not be problems once the products were on the market.

Because there was no retail outlet for the products other than Dr. Surkin’s offices, it was also necessary to help develop an e-commerce site in order to sell the supplements outside the Eastern North Carolina market.

The Result
Eye Integrated helped Dr. Surkin develop and implement an integrated marketing plan that included all phases of communications – from early branding, to website development, to e-commerce capability to advertising and public relations. All of these activities were aimed at making the marketplace aware of his expertise and knowledge in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease through standard medical treatments plus integrative therapies.

Since the market introduction of his supplements in 2008. Dr. Surkin has introduced two additional product lines to broaden his approach to cardiac wellness. One of those businesses involves sleep clinics and the other a weight loss program aimed specifically for individuals with a high risk of heart disease.

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